High performance leadership, high performance teamwork, conflict management, responsible leadership, family business, change management, motivation, dialogue and negotiation, coaching, stress management, work life balance, and personal and professional development.

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• What Great Leaders Do Best

• Leading at the Edge: How to Unlock Extraordinary Performance

• Playing to Win: The Neuroscience of High Performance

• Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership

• A Hostage-Free State of Mind

• Building Trust in Times of Transformation

• Managing Conflict in High Impact Negotiation

• Managing Conflict and Transition in Family Business

• Secure Base Coaching

• The Power of Dialogue

• Inspiring and Developing Leadership Talent

• High Performance Teamwork


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“HSM has been working with the greatest management speakers for over 25 years. George Kohlrieser is simply one of the best speakers in the world in Leadership and Conflict Management. He consistently gets a standing ovation.”

José Salibi Neto, Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer, HSM Brazil

“George is a world class master teacher and speaker. He has a rare ability to inspire and lead, bringing excitement, passion, wit and humanity to any audience he addresses. He brings together the uncommon combination of a scholarly temperament and a vibrant imagination, with a commitment to excellence. There is real electricity around him.”

Peter James Meyers, President, Stand & Deliver Group and Author, As We Speak: How to Make Your Point And Have It Stick

“George Kohlrieser makes a deep and holistic impact on leaders and organisations. He always receives outstanding feedback; his authenthicity, knowledge, commitment and powerful delivery will inspire even the most experienced and challenging group!”

ANNA Storbacka-Eriksson, Managing Director, CSA Celebrity Speakers Nordic

“George engages and communicates in a way that changes your personal beliefs and how you deal with other people, giving you renewed energy, passion and positive thoughts about others. Listening to him speak leaves you with a clear vision that no personal challenge is insurmountable.”

Kris Kleist, European Professional Development Leader for Global Business Services, IBM

“George Kohlrieser brings leadership education to a whole new level. He has a rare ability to profoundly change participants’ mindset by inspiring them to successfully lead in times of ambiguity, uncertainty, and change.”