Words, Dialogue, and Negotiation
High performing leaders overcome their fear, courageously make decisions, and resolve conflicts to raise performance. They have the ability to turn adversaries into allies by focusing on common goals. Words are a powerful tool for a high performing leader. Learning how to use them and listen to them is essential to achieving outstanding results.

Here is advice on how to do this.


Clinical Psychologist George Kohlrieser: Lessons in Negotiation with Scissors to the Throat

In July 1970, a psychotic man named Sam held scissors to George’s neck. An ongoing dialogue led to a resolution. This experience taught George that words are very powerful and shaped the rest of his career. Read more about this story and it’s link to leadership in this article in the Straits Times.

Professor George Kohlrieser on the Complexities of Hostage Negotiation

Learn how to develop bonding by watching this in-depth interview on ABC Australia.

A Hostage Negotiator’s Simple Strategy for Difficult Political Conversations with People You Love

Gain advice on how to defuse tension with people who don’t agree with you.

Hostage Negotiations

Hear about business persuasion techniques in this BBC interview.


George Kohlrieser on Changing Mindsets

You might be great a setting goals around numbers, but you can’t really influence if you don’t know how to create bonds, as George explains in this video for The Big Think.

Leading at the Edge: Excerpt from the Orchestrating Winning Performance Program

In this video, George talks about the role of dialogue in playing to win.

George Kohlrieser on Social Bonding and Gender

Advice to men and women on some very important topics related to influencing.


10 People Mistakes

Much of today’s leadership writing focuses on what high performing leaders should do. Certainly, that material helps from a theoretical and aspirational point of view. Yet what really haunts leaders on a day-to-day basis is the mistakes that they make. They don’t trip up because they are bad people; they most often fumble because of a lack of knowledge, bad habits, or too much stress.

George Kohlrieser makes a deep and holistic impact on leaders and organisations. He always receives outstanding feedback; his authenthicity, knowledge, commitment and powerful delivery will inspire even the most experienced and challenging group!

Anna Storbacka-Eriksson, Managing Director, CSA Celebrity Speakers Nordic