One of my goals for this website is that we all learn from each other.

A secure base is a person, place, goal, or object that provides a sense of protection, gives a sense of comfort and offers a source of energy and inspiration to explore, take risks, and seek change. Great leaders are aware of their secure bases and can then become secure bases to others to maximize their potential. They use formal and informal authority to influence, rather than exerting their hierarchical and coercive power.

I want readers of this website to hear your secure base leadership journey. How has being introduced to the concepts of secure base leadership impacted the way you lead? Please answer in 1-3 paragraphs (200 words). I trust that all visitors to this website will benefit from hearing your story.

Please note that your review (name, company and story) will be edited for consistency prior to publication on the website. Email addresses will not be published.

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